The goodness in evil


A cloudy day, covered by sad stories that even hampered me to see my own shadow. These boys made me stop along the way, wanting to be captured in the light of the camera, which showed me an image of the world itself.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, feel no evil. But don’t forget one thing. It’s there.

Denial doesn’t make any sense living in a world of duality. There is evil and it’s inevitably drenched in all layers of our existence. So you’d better embrace it. Take it in. Taste the disgusting bitterness and feel how it’s penetrating throughout each and every cell of your body. How it leaves a deep scar in your soul.

It’s ok.

Knowing that you can hold the space. Acknowledging that you are made of the same material, which resonates with the world around us. There’s no light without dark. It works the other way around too. Only because I’m truly aware of what goodness is, I can feel evil so badly. Both are equal and create wholeness. In the end, life and death are part of the same. One.

In order to feel that oneness, we have to let the darkness in. Embracing it with goodness. Where both can exist next to one another and simply just are, eventually resolving in one whole being.

You have a choice though. Not being taken away by evil. Focus on the good, how small that might be. Since it’s all there, here, now and always, you don’t have to look for it. No need for searching for goodness in the future, or somewhere outside of yourself.

In every situation, how evil or dark it might seem, there is light and goodness too. Maybe it’s not visible at that particular moment, maybe you feel so overwhelmed by negativity that you don’t see it instantly. But it’s always there. It simply is. That’s the law of the universe.

Let gratefulness and compassion make you feel evil, let firm clearness make you speak to evil, let sensitive clarity make you see evil and let truthful discernment make you hear evil.

And never forget the principle of ONE.




Chamarajanagar, India – June 2016

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  1. Summer says:

    Great blog, Anouk. So what are you supposed to do with evil? Accept it or turn it into goodness?


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