Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. – Oscar Wilde 

I found that being your true self and remaining truthful to who you really are is the ultimate freedom. The shining ball of light deep down within is always there, no matter what happens in your life. And it’s more than enough to light up the whole universe, even if your fear thinks it doesn’t. Let go of that nonsense. If you’re able to peel off the covering layers, masks and distractive patterns that you deliberately constructed to create a person you would like to be but who’s in fact captured by pain and misery, the power of the truth will open your eyes. And then you’d see, crystal clear, the beauty of the wholeness of yourself in essence that resonates in everything.

Then, there’s no way back. Fully awake, free and a light that sparkles inside, outside and beyond.

The world looks a bit different though, but try… it’s fun! 


Koh Samui, Thailand – March 2016

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