Wander in Wonderland

Know thyself and know this too shall pass. When you think you got it, you fall into another trap of your mind, tumbling down the rabbit hole of your whirling emotions. Upside down, inside out. Hit the bottom of your own set boundaries, which happened to be not so fixed in the end.

Funny isn’t it? Who do you think you were fooling? Or who is fooling you?

Finding yourself in front of yes, another door. That surprisingly always opens if you try. So why would you keep it closed? Get up. You were not made to drown into that pool of self pity. Dry your tears. Open your eyes. What else is there?

Burning curiosity with a bittersweet taste of nostalgia and a fear driven heartbeat. What if? No need. You can leave the door open, you won’t go back anyway.

And you know what? You’ll always fit. Although it might feel like going through the eye of the needle once in a while. Remember that sense of freedom afterwards. You’re still breathing. Courageous little you. Who said you were lost?

The only way is within and you carry the golden key in your heart. Moods and states of being come and go like the clouds, but the sun keeps always shining. The centre of your universal self. That’s no fantasy.

For real.

Wander around within yourself like Alice in Wonderland and discover these beautiful pristine spots within yourself. Embrace all the remote corners of yourself and make them your own. The back of beyond is closer by than you imagine.

Take a sip of the true essence of yourself. It will only make you grow…


Koh Samui, Thailand – August 2016


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