There’s always the sun

There’s always the sun. No matter how dark the clouds may appear. Life doesn’t distinguish. Only the mind does.

Separation doesn’t exist.

Flow. Look up from the wild waves. Yes you. You thought you were drowning? Trust me. You’re not. You can hold your head above the water. Feel the power in your legs. The tread water. The storm will pass. The fog in your head will disappear. The waves of doubt will find their answers against the cliffs.

Swim. Fear will be washed off along the way. Keep going. Sink a little deeper. Somersaults in the sea of your own emotions. Ride the waves. Play. Leave the vortexes for what they are, they won’t bring you anywhere. Don’t get caught up in all the drama. Smile. The wind will take you where you need to be. Release. The salty taste on your lips. The flavor of life.

Believe. The light will find its way and shine upon you. Reflecting your inner beauty like little diamonds on the surface. Halo of sparks. A hole in the sky. Radiation. Love.

There’s always the sun.

September 2016, Golf of Thailand







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