In stillness

Senses wide open without any sound. Crystal clarity in a vastness of space. Moments of timelessness. The clear reflection of peace brings me back to the fluidity of the sea of endless love. A calm wave of trust. The inner smile tinkles in my belly. Electrifying and in the same time soothing in a way.

The coming and going of wrinkles on the surface. Scars from the past dissolve in a blink of an eye. Little diamonds of life experiences are making their way to the shore. I can see them. Overflowing my feet. Washing away the sand in between my toes. Drifting. A passing by of what could have been and making space for what really is. The root. The essence of being.

The night sets the sky on fire. Warming up the blueness in all its color tones. Mirror of the deep underwater world of feelings. Light fades into darkness. I’m standing there. Still. Observing. Breathing. Just being in the midst of the peaceful storm around me. Aware of the surface that is projected, excited to see what’s underneath. More than meets the eyes. Invisible transparency. Being in the vulnerability of skinny dipping. The naked truth can’t hide, although it’s getting dark. I know what to look for.

That what wants to be seen always come to the surface, one way or another. The so called invincible waves of life. The magic is to ride them. Just let it come. Jump. Float. Surrender to the ocean of the unknown. Don’t be afraid. It will find its way. Always. In peace, trust and love. In stillness.


Thong Krut, Thailand – November 2016



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