Wandering into the light


Wandering. Wondering about that special beauty of life. I mean the little things that makes everything so great. Just as it is. No make up. No filters. Raw and pure. Walking. Step by step. Barefoot. Giggling. The coarse sand tickles the soles of my feet. Every step brings me closer. The sun comes up. Another day. Blinded by the light. I close my eyes and just follow. My soul. My guidance.

Do you ever wonder? Wander? Walking around feeling a smile rising from within as the most splendid sunrise you’ve ever seen. Knowing that everything just needed to happen. To bring you to the place where you are right now and beyond. This is it. Life thrown at your feet. Without signs. Here you go.

Every step is another connection that takes me back to the root. The essence of what it’s all about.

The encounters along the way. The love lived. Waves coming back. Memories of the past alive in the present moment. Here and now.

Life. So precious.

Now I see you. Wondering and yet so focused. Halfway there. Almost. I meet you here.

I take your hand. Without words. The sun enlightens our faces. Blinded with a smile.

We walk together. We together as one. Wandering into the light.

Koh Samui, May 2017

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