Perfectly imperfect



You beautiful flower. Amazing me with your vulnerable fragility in your brave opening up and showing me the essence. Fiercely. Surrounded by sparkles of life, shining bright like little diamonds reflecting the real truth. As we used to see it long time ago. The dark edges of your petals bring your white light even more to life. The marks of time that made you into who you are right now. The story of your life. Some scars here and there make you even more real. The shadows around you don’t seem to harm you. The ball of fire within remains as the shining sun that’s always there.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. You beautiful flower. I see you for who you are. Then and now. And you are filling me with gratitude. You are perfectly imperfect. Whole. And I love you.

Perfectness is an inside job where the greatest beauty is to be found. Peeling off all the layers of superficial make up masquerade and seeing the truth. Within you. Within me. It’s about embracing all the imperfections that makes us whole. As one. And love that for what it is. With unconditional compassion.

Pure. Raw. Real.

Perfectly imperfect.


Dedicated to the most beautiful flower that will flower for always….

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