Travel is a wonderful therapy

Indeed. Especially for two very popular conditions: ‘stuckness’ and ‘notknowingness’, often strongly interrelated. All caused by our monkey mind producing unhelpful thoughts as ‘I’m stuck. I can’t see it anymore. Who am I? I don’t know what to do. What’s the next step? What is the right thing?’

Well, if it doesn’t go right, go left. Why would you remain in a situation of suffering? Know that you always have the choice to take a step. Pick yourself up and leave the rest for what it is. By literally stepping out of the situation in which you’re at, you’re not only making a strong statement to the monkeys in your mind, but it also creates space to let things be and to observe everything from a distance, without being caught up in your own stuck story. Isn’t it a relief to experience that the whole circus continues without you as well? The monkeys don’t need a babysitter. All of a sudden you can see things more clearly, overviewing everything as a whole. Being in a new environment stimulates the senses and opens your eyes to whatever there is. Breathe in the smell of interesting insights and approach everything with curiosity and openness. Without judgment.

Take a step. Go. Connect with the present moment. This is what there is right now. And that’s right.

By the way, you don’t have to travel the whole world. Of course, it’s great to dive into other landscapes and be indulged by indigenousity. But the real challenge is very close by. Not running away on an escapade, but being able to change your view by seeing things differently, only by taking the right step with awareness. Sit down. Be still. Meditate. Move mindfully. Travel out of your mind. Into your body. To the here and now. Where everything ok is the way it is. Connect with the wisdom of your heart. Then open your eyes and see. With new eyes. Observe the beauty of the mess that the monkeys made. Smile. They were just playing mind games. Smarty pants, but you know buddhi better.

There you are. Where you need to be. Now. At home in the journey.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
-Marcel Proust-


Bangalore, India – September 2017

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