The journey


A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…in the right direction.

Here you go. Walk the walk. Twists and turns. Just do it.

If you do the right things with the right intentions, your path will lead you wherever you need to be. Be in the journey without losing your focus. Let the distractions come and go like the waves of the ocean you’re riding. Keep going. Breathe in the breathtaking views that surround you as an invisible hand guiding you through the tsunami of life. Embrace the encounters. Sending out imaginary postcards that are anchored in this present moment, forever imprinted in your soul. Breathe out everything you are leaving behind.

You’re on your way. It gets lighter with every step. Providing you a powerful palette of colors. Create your own life painting talented artist. Set your life on fire with home in your heart. Keep it burning with another breeze of air that lifts you up as high as the sky.


Sometimes you might find yourself in doubt, not knowing where to go. Wondering about the next right step on your path. Scared to walk into the sea of the unknown, yet deeply filled with a vulnerable braveness to close a door behind. Standing still on the doorstep. Observing the infinite possibilities in front of you. Overwhelming waves of life are coming towards you. It’s taking you away from the place where you belong. Right here, right now. Grounded as the palm tree with the magical ability to move with the whirlwinds of emotions. Fiercely surviving each storm.

And you know what? It always follows its gut. Towards the light. Why go straight through when you can go up? Why continue and go on and on, top heavy at a point and break? If it doesn’t feel right, change your direction. Go deep within. Listen. Let your prana flow. Suck it up from the ground. Feel it from the tips of your toes. The sun shines through your voluminous fountain of life. The wind blows your leaves. And up you go. Lifted to wherever you need to be.

No other place to be than the journey. Here. Now. Life.



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