Be somebody nobody thought you could be


On that note, life presents itself in remarkable ways. Bitterness hitting you like a strong, black coffee leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Hampering you to enjoy every sip of life. Coloured by the stories of the past that laid a dark shadow over what’s happening right now. Causing contractions again and again. Little mouth muscle cramps. Inability to inhale life to the fullest. Palpations after. Worries. Anxiety. Frozenness.

Sometimes it takes a lot of bitterness to find that it’s time to be your self and enjoy life as it is right now. That’s ok. It’s not always that easy to let go and just be. Without judgements. To not let yourself drown in a pool of fear. Guilt. Shame. Even the tenderest treats are not soothing the suffering that was thrown in your scale and weighs heavy on the heart. The burden putting you down from time to time, unbearable back packs filled with stones of the rocky road we’re traveling, is not being taken away by the euphoric ecstasy of another instant chocolate fix or a detox green juice.

It needs a bit more than that. A lot actually. Of love, compassion and awareness. You can make the grass as green as possible if you want. Your creation. With the ingredients that are present. The lack of all there was brings you where you need to be right now.

Nourishment nurturing your seed deep down at the core of being wanting to flower, grow and reach towards the light. Opening up its petals. Letting go layer by layer. Coming to what it’s all about. Life. The smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee that tickles your senses. Opening up the veins through which the blood of life can flow freely. Beyond surviving. Heat flushes bringing back the fire of life. As it is. There, where you are now. This present moment. Watching the sun flower blooming, catching rays of light. Reflecting your beauty and all the facets of that precious diamond inside of you. Shining through all step by step.

Polish. Practice. Patience. Past all the shadows of the past.

An eye opening allegory with you as the masterpiece’s muse and artist. Carrying your infinite palette of colors. Shadows are needed to make the painting more real. The more the better. Painting your picture perfect. 3D is the place to be.


Bali, November 2018

2 Comments Add yours

  1. smilecalm says:

    to be who i
    never thought
    i could be!
    wonderful 🙂


    1. anoukprop says:

      as wonderful as you are!

      Liked by 1 person

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