Standing alone

Fierce. Tall. In your fragile vulnerability to overlook this overwhelming world. Watching how the clouds pass by. People that come and go. The endless sea of emotions in your sight. Whirlwinds. It takes a lot of courage to just stand there. To be yourself. To look further and beyond. It might feel very lonely. Nothing to hold on to.

Loneliness doesn’t exist. Separation does. I feel lonely because I don’t feel connected. Because I separate myself from the rest of the world. Just because I see a difference in between you and me and all there is.

But you know what? There is no difference. All is the same and one.

And yes, in the end we’re all standing alone with nothing to hold on to. We’re born alone and going to die in the same way. That’s life. And in the same time there’s more than that.

Love. This present moment. Right here, right now. Open up your senses and feel. Experience the force of life going through every cell of this magnificent physical expression that you are. Standing alone and yet so connected. With all and everything. With yourself. Love and compassion. Carried by the beautiful deepest blues. Supported by life loving you.

Standing tall. 


Koh Samui, August 2017