Healing to the whole

Step by step. One forward and two back. Just when you think you had this. Fear of falling back. Deep rooted patterns are catching up and make their manipulative way to pull you back into their prison. Relapse is part of recovery. Loving kindness looks upon the so called mess and let things just be.

The story of your life isn’t a fixed determined thing. If you want there’s time. A process. The allowance that the seeds which have been planted will grow into beautiful flowers. At its own pace. Peacefully.

A journey of time paced by patience. Gentleness. In the acceptance of what is and an allowance of being ok with that.

Petal by petal slowly opening up. From gross to subtle. Uncovering. Peeling the layers that have protected the pure essence, with the right intentions but therefore also hampering it from seeing the light. That cannot exist without the darkness that has brought you to the place where you are now.

The time to shine. Bright. Drama is making place for colours coming from the heart, moving into the direction of that what wants to be seen. Into the open. Holding the space for all there is.

Connection. Touched by the touch of life.

Nourished by love growing into vulnerability, revealing the immense beautiful power of life. A never ending shaking off. Letting go of all that doesn’t serve anymore.

Without fear, shame or guilt. Just as it is.

Different shapes moving into other facets of the same being where shadows disappear. Like seeing the light for the first time. Waking up. Unfolding sparkles of essence shine and rise. Coming closer to what it’s all about.


Breathing in the core of your being. Making space for you as you are. That beautiful being of you, that has always been wholesome. Opening up for all there is.

Breathing out and letting all go. A deep release. Knowing deep down inside that you don’t have to carry this any longer. Being able to just leave it. For what it is. Without judgement.

Life never promised you a rose garden.

The emptiness remains. This is the place where we are. In nothingness. In no man’s land. It requires a lot of courage to be here. Battlefields where flowers can’t grow. 

Fight, flight and freeze. Responses to what was, but isn’t present right now. Overwhelming feelings of tsunamis that are rolling over. Fear. It’s ok. At this moment all is fine. Creating a playground for the inner child that just wants to be. Playing with the simplicity of life. In that safe space. The being. Nothing more, noting less.

The flower only opens itself up when it feels safe enough to do this. And you’re walking the walk. Resilient. Fierce. Step by step. In the direction of you. Growing towards the light. Blooming in your own way. More and more nourished by drops of compassion that comes from the heart. Awareness that is being reflected in the mirror of life. Seeing what is needed to heal. Everything you give attention, grows.

Healing wholesome. Perfectness in becoming whole again. One.


‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’ – Anais Nin 




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